Google Messages experiences reactions with any keyboard emoji. In a recent update to the messenger’s preview, the app included the entire catalog as quick interaction options, similar to what exists in WhatsApp.

The discovery of the 9to5Google site in the trial version of the messenger is a big boost to the Google Messages reaction tool, making it an even more interesting app for chatting with friends. Previously, the platform offered only seven options for interacting with stickers, “I liked” (👍), “I didn’t like” (👎), “face with heart” (😍), “laughing face” (😂), “surprised face” (😯), “frustrated face” (😥) and “angry face” (😠).

Now, in addition to the traditional options, Google Messages offers the “+” shortcut that gives access to the entire catalog of stickers. Supported illustrations are displayed by category, in a similar style to the emoji menu present in the app, but without the additional tabs for GIFs and stickers.

Just like the previous reactions, the chosen emojis appear next to the associated message bubble.

No release date

Support for all stickers in Google Messages reactions is an experimental addition, so it’s unclear when it will be available to all users. If you’re a tester, however, it’s worth checking for pending updates on play store🇧🇷

Source: 9to5Google