The photos taken by iPhone are differentiated. Part of that charm comes from “Portrait Mode”, Apple’s feature that blurs the background and highlights who (or what) is in the foreground. However, not all models have this function. The good news is that there are several apps to blur the background of photos.

When you search for “blur background” in the App Store, the first apps that pop up require some kind of subscription for you to use them. However, the Business Raw did a search in the catalog and will bring, in this list, 5 apps that do the same service for free.


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The free version of Blur lets you discreetly blur the background (Image: Olhar Digital)

This app allows you to blur the background of photos. But if you don’t want to pay to access all the app’s features, it only lets you give it a discreet blur.

To do this, you need to choose (or take) the photo, select the “Blur” tool, on the bottom bar, and tap on the first style. Then “paint”, using your finger, the entire area you want to blur.

To increase the accuracy of coverage of this area, you can zoom in. To save the photo, tap on “Share” and then on the orange button in the lower left corner.

Blur is initially free and is available on the App Store🇧🇷

blur image

Blur Image’s purpose is to blur faces, but you can also blur the background (Image: Olhar Digital)

The purpose of this application is to serve as a tool to blur or “pixelar” parts of a photo (a face, for example). But you can also use it to give that background blur effect.

The app’s interface is very simple. Choose (or take) the photo you want to blur the background. Then select the smudge tool and paint, using your finger, the background area. Finally, slide the top bar to adjust the blur intensity (tip: smaller values ​​make the effect more believable). To finish, tap the green icon with the check symbol.

Despite being simple, the application requires patience. Although you can zoom in on the photo a lot – which increases the tool’s precision -, you have to “paint” and correct it with the eraser, so that the selection is satisfactory. Even so, the result is not, say, 100%.

Blur Image is free and is available on the App Store🇧🇷

blur photo editor

Blur Photo Editor offers a simple interface and creative filters for blurring (Image: Olhar Digital)

Another application that brings simple interface and creative filters for blur. You can start editing from a photo in your gallery or take it straight from the app.

To blur the background, the application offers two ways. The first is to tap on “Blur” and “paint” the area you want to be blurred. The other is to choose “Reverse”, then “Erase” (which appears when you tap “Blur”) and “erase” the area you want to be sharp.

To increase the precision of both tools, tap “Brush Size” and slide the red bar to increase or decrease the brush radius. Using zoom also helps.

Finally, tap the “Effects” button (the droplet icon with sparkles) to choose a different filter for your background blur. To finish the process, tap the “Save” button in the upper right corner.

Blur Photo Editor is free and is available on the App Store🇧🇷


Blurit is the app on this list with the best interface and offering the most features (Image: Olhar Digital)

In terms of “how to blur photo background”, Blurit is the app on this list that has the best interface and offers the most resources for this. To start editing, you can choose a photo from the gallery or take it using the app.

The first step is to choose the image format (square, 3×4, 16×9, etc.). Then you can start “painting” the area you want to blur.

Touching “Edit Brush” brings up a panel where you can adjust brush characteristics, such as size, shape and blur intensity. You can even dye the area while you paint, so you can better locate yourself during the process. Once you are satisfied, tap the “Done” button.

On the next screen, you can apply effects to the blur (the app offers several options and a bar to adjust the intensity of the effect) and/or invert the selection, which also inverts both the blur and the effect applied to it – oddly enough , this can yield interesting results. Afterwards, the app still lets you apply filters to the photo.

The only downside of the app is that, as it is free, practically all of its screens have ads. And, before you start editing a photo, you have to put up with a video ad.

Blurit is free and is available on the App Store🇧🇷

blur photos

Blur Photos brings a friendly interface and different resources to blur photos (Image: Business Raw)

In this application with a friendly interface, you can blur the background of photos in a “normal” or creative way. The thing is that, in addition to blurring, the app offers filters for it, which brings another type of aesthetic to the images.

To start, you can take a photo directly from the application or choose a photo from your gallery – if a message appears saying that your photo is stored on iCloud, open it in the Photos app and, with it still open, go back to Blur Photos .

The tools used to blur the background are “Portrait” and “Depth”. In the first one, you “paint” whatever you want to be in focus, and then choose the filter for the blur. In the second, you choose the radius and position of the focused area; and the intensity of the blur.

The results don’t look like “portrait mode”, but the app offers tools for you to explore your creativity in blur.

Blur Photos is free and is available on the App Store🇧🇷

Image: Pedro Spadoni / Business Raw

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