The year 2022 is special — still in November, the World Cup in Qatar takes place, a moment that requires quality devices to be used to the fullest. Another big event that will also take place this month is Black Friday and, to take advantage of this unique occasion, Samsung has prepared a series of unmissable offers with the best Galaxy smartphones, helping you to upgrade just in time to follow the biggest football event in the world. world. We separate 5 reasons for you to take advantage of the promotions, exchange your cell phone for a Samsung Galaxy and follow the World Cup with the best quality!

Renowned quality fluid screens

Samsung Galaxy smartphones feature very high quality screens, which combine sharpness with vivid and realistic colors, and provide fluidity with high refresh rates. Models like the Galaxy S22 Ultra have panels with plenty of space to watch World Cup games and other content with maximum comfort, supporting HDR10+ to boost brightness and increase color accuracy and offering adaptive rates from 1 Hz to 120 Hz, to provide a smooth experience without affecting battery life.

Samsung is concerned with offering excellence in content reproduction even in more affordable models, such as the Samsung Galaxy A32, which includes a Super AMOLED panel of intense contrast and vivid colors, with Full HD+ resolution to display the smallest details and intense brightness of up to 800 nits, which ensures visibility wherever you are.

Rich, detailed sound with Dolby Atmos

It’s not just in the picture that Galaxy smartphones stand out – the sound also receives special treatment. With powerful speakers, Samsung cell phones reproduce music, games and cheers with complete precision, delivering powerful and immersive audio. In addition, with the use of Dolby Atmos technology, the devices provide even more immersion, filling the entire environment.

If you prefer to play or watch with headphones, no problem: the Samsung Galaxy family also supports Dolby Atmos immersive sound when using the accessory, embedding unique profiles for each type of task and ensuring an immersive and robust experience, whether in your favorite games, listening to the footsteps of enemies in online matches, or having the feeling of being in the stadium during World Cup matches.

Cameras that see the smallest details

When it comes to recording important moments, Samsung Galaxy smartphones capture even the smallest details, thanks to the combination of powerful hardware, equipped with high-resolution cameras and versatility thanks to different zoom levels, with software that uses Artificial Intelligence to refine your photos. and videos, identifying elements of the scene and making everything even more beautiful with adjustments to contrast, brightness and other aspects.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the perfect example of what Samsung provides for photography fans: its 108 MP main camera records super detailed scenes with intense colors during the day, and combines 9 pixels into 1 during the night, taking advantage of technology Nightography to see even in dimly lit environments. Its telephoto lenses work with the software to offer Space Zoom of up to 100x magnification so you don’t miss any detail even from a distance.

Long-lasting battery that doesn’t let you down

Samsung Galaxy phones also offer unparalleled battery life, avoiding the dreaded “battery anxiety”. Whether performing light activities, such as browsing the Internet and social networks, or performing heavy tasks, such as editing videos and playing the most advanced games, Galaxy family devices provide long periods of use to keep up with your busy routine.

When charging, the devices bring fast charging with power of up to 45 W, recovering most of the battery in just 30 minutes to take you further without having to waste time with the charging process, or having to worry about going back to the socket. so early.

Long cycle of guaranteed updates

One UI is Samsung’s interface that enhances Android by providing unique features such as advanced tools for screenshots, even more complete multitasking features and gestures for quick access to windowed mode, among many others. The Galaxy cell phone system also focuses on security, incorporating the Samsung Knox suite and biometrics for blocking, ensuring the protection of your data.

Committed to delivering an impeccable experience, Samsung provides an unrivaled software update scheme with up to 4 years of Android updates and up to 5 years of security updates. Your investments in a Samsung Galaxy are long-lasting, as the brand delivers extended support even on more affordable smartphones.

Take advantage of the special bundle of the Galaxy S22 line

One of the main promotions designed by Samsung for the meeting between Black Friday and the World Cup is the special bundle for the Galaxy S22 family, the brand’s most powerful models, which offer the most complete experience for all your tasks. When you buy a Galaxy S22, a Galaxy S22+ or a Galaxy S22 Ultra, you are entitled to redeem a Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 headset for free, through the Samsung For You website.