Released in theaters in October 2022, Death Death Death finally arrived on digital platforms. The film by first-time director Halina Reijn can now be rented online on the Play Store, Prime Video and Apple TV. The feature is a slasher (type of film characterized by murders in sequence) and mixes terror and comedy in 94 minutes of duration.

The plot follows a couple of girlfriends who decide to go to a friend’s house to wait out the coming storm. There, they meet other friends and decide to play a game called “death, death, death”. The game consists of two participants who are chosen to be the killers and kill the rest of the group by touching their backs.

It turns out that the prank gets out of hand and, when the lights come on, the friends realize that one of them is really dead. From that moment on, the group needs to find out who the killer is and fight to survive.

With a narrative full of clichés, Death Death Death surprises for the plot twist at the end and makes a good review for generation Z. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film won 85% positive reviews from specialized critics and 69% from the public.

At the box office, the film grossed US$ 13.9 million (approximately R$ 73 million). The expectation now is that it will be seen by more people once it reaches digital platforms.

Where to watch Death Death Death?

Those who did not have the chance to see the film in theaters or want to see the story again can now watch it Death Death Death for rent on play storeat apple tv and not Prime Video🇧🇷