In this World Cup, the Brazilian streamer Casimiro achieved an unprecedented feat in the history of broadcasts when he won the right to broadcast games in the competition – including all the Brazilian National Team games in his lives on Twitch and YouTube -. For this mission, Cazé put together a great team of friends and great sports and entertainment professionals, including Diogo Defante.

The comedian is in Qatar as a correspondent for Cazé TV and has generated repercussions on the internet with his videos fanfare across the country. Known for his bullshit videos


and without limits, netizens bet that the Brazilian will still be arrested by authorities of the host country of the World Cup.

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In a video before leaving for Qatar and announcing his partnership with Casimiro in covering the Cup, Defante read the “five main rules of the country” and already told his followers: “Rules? Straight talk? It will give me…”.

Since his arrival in the country, Defante has been constantly trending on Twitter. The comedian’s most popular videos include him dancing with Moroccans and fans, trying on a burqa, petting a lion cub and trolling Casimiro himself during the broadcast. So far, none of the feats has guaranteed the arrest of the Brazilian.

Who is Diogo Defante?

Defante is known for its bullshit and limitless content. The comedian has had a YouTube channel since 2012, which currently has more than 2 million subscribers.

The comedian from Rio de Janeiro was part of the “Parafernalha” team, a comedy sketch channel on YouTube.

On his channel, his most popular videos, he assumes the personality of “Repórter Doidão” when attending crowded events such as Carnival, decisive football matches, Gay Parade, street demonstrations and more. In these videos, the “reporter” usually does interviews, takes a few sips of alcohol and promotes a chaotic binge.

The carioca is also known for his presence on social networks. On Twitter, Defante has more than 588 million followers and on Instagram, he has more than one and a half million followers and there he usually posts his short videos that bomb the internet from time to time.

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