The opening 13 minutes of The Callisto Protocol leaked onto the internet in recent days. Despite the low quality of the scenes, it is still possible to check details of the initial menu, settings and the beginning of the plot.

According to eurogamer, the video started circulating on the Resetera forum yesterday (23). Hosted on YouTube, the recording ended up being removed from the air after copyright claims from Krafton, the game’s publisher.

Because of this, it is possible to imagine that the images are real and really show the beginning of the game. As the material is not official, the voxel will not give details about the content.

Considered a “spiritual successor” to Dead Space🇧🇷 The Callisto Protocol takes place in the year 2320 in a prison colony called Black Iron. The game is a survival horror with action elements.

Directed by Glen Schofield, the game will be released on December 2, 2022. So, are you looking forward to getting scared with the creatures of The Callisto Protocol🇧🇷 Leave your comment on twitter🇧🇷 Facebook or Instagram of voxel🇧🇷