A curiosity that many are unaware of is that the tires made for electric cars differ from conventional ones, supporting more weight and emitting less noise, for example.

With no noise in the cabin, the sound of friction with the road is much more present in EVs. Pirelli, one of the best-known brands in the industry, uses treads with internal foam on some models, reducing the sound perceived by the driver inside the vehicle by up to 25%.


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Another important factor is the rolling resistance, which must be lower in order not to impair the range per charge. Finally, bearing more weight is also essential, as batteries make cars heavier than combustion models.

All weather tire

The Dutch company Apollo Vredestein BV announced an innovative novelty for the segment: the Quatrac Pro EV, the first tire for electric cars capable of withstanding intense heat and cold.

The tire manufacturer says that the novelty “sets new standards” in grip, efficiency and noise emission. An interesting feature is the asymmetric design on the creases, which, according to the company, was created to support more weight.

Image: Apollo Vredestein/Disclosure

Rolling resistance is also 15% higher than the brand’s other high-performance tire for EVs, improving the vehicle’s range.

Suitable for larger cars, such as SUVs, the novelty also received certification for “comfortable use on ice and snow” in European countries where the rule is mandatory. Braking and cornering stability is also better than the company’s most premium tire.

Apollo announced that the product arrives in Europe in December in several sizes, first for 18” or 19” wheels. The complete line will also include support for 17” and 20” wheels. The price has not yet been disclosed by the manufacturer. There are still no indications that the product will be launched in other markets.

For more driving comfort and silent operation, the company says it even used AI in the development of the Quatrac Pro EV. Check out more about the tire in the video below.

Main image: Apollo Vredestein/Disclosure

Via: Autoevolution

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