Many consumers carry not only a cell phone but also a smart watch and headphones whenever they leave the house, and it looks like one of Huawei’s upcoming launches may combine these last two accessories into one with the launch of Huawei Watch Buds.

In a photo shared on the Weibo social network, we see the alleged smartwatch packaging that holds a pair of wireless headphones inside, making it more practical to take the headphones anywhere.

The watch has a design that appears to be an adapted version of the Watch GT3, with a circular display with curved edges in 2.5D glass and a metallic body, with more sporty details than the existing model.

In the image we can also notice that the screen must bet on a hinge in the upper region so that users can lift it and then have access to the headphones that would be stored inside the watch.

In early November, a leak revealed the existence of the Conan project, a smart watch with an integrated headphone jack shaped like a projectile, offering a compact enough size to be stored inside the smartwatch.

The box also shows that the smart watch will have a brown leather strap (it may also be made of material that imitates leather), a dark gray box and will be equipped with HarmonyOS, Huawei’s alternative to Google Wear OS that is already present in several smartwatches. company recent.

The launch date and expected price for the Huawei Watch Buds are still unknown, but details should emerge in the coming days or weeks to reinforce what to expect from the product.

Source: Fixed Focus Digital (in Chinese), via MyDrivers